Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back again - with the Sari Sisters!

Dear friends,

I'm finally back again. I haven't got the absolute full power yet, but I've been damn lucky and I'm OK. And thank you once more for your encouraging comments and mails - I've been missing you a lot!

Meanwhile, I've learned that 50% die of this kind of bleeding and 80% of the rest suffer of disablements ... that makes me shiver - and still, it's as if I just can't realize why my power is so low and everyday stuff suddenly requires 'slow-motion' ... the effort of raising a lot of input for a tiny little output.

Well, nevertheless, this was yesterday's output, when I was trying to play around with the making of 'crazy dolls' - let me present the 'Sari Sisters' (and brothers):

I named them so, because I used some of the Sari silk waste from the earlier posting, and combined it with some vintage buttons, beads and metal wire - actually recycling material.

(I only laid the dolls down on this pre-felt for taking the picture - they all have a hook on their backside and are ment to be hung on a wall, a branch, a parcel ...)

(German summary: Ich bin zurück - und ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich für eure lieben Kommentare und Mails! Ich habe verflixtes Glück gehabt - und trotzdem hadere ich ein bißchen damit, daß ich noch immer so wenig Puste habe ... Die Püppchen sind ein Recycling-Projekt aus Sari-Fasern, Draht, Knöpfe und Perlen!)