Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Millipede Moebius/Ein Tausendfüßler-Möbius

Spring is slowly coming, still the mornings and the evenings are cold enough here ... I felt I needed something warm and cheerful for my neck - and for my mind.

So I decided to crochet a colourful shawl - bright and sunny, almost a bit of a warming necklace - to chase away the last greyish shades of winter.

This turned out to be a fast and funny way to crochet a shawl - using a big No. 10 mm hook, a chunky rainbow coloured yarn which I found in my stash, working 150 crochet chain sts which I connected moebius-wise to a loop - then crocheting two rows of double crochet sts. Now the 50 g ball of this yarn was used up, and I continued with double sock yarn in similar colours, working a row of half double crochet sts all the way round my moebius.

For the last round, I crocheted 10 chain sts, turned, worked a single crochet st in the following 9 sts to produce a 'tail', 1 slip st to the base, 4 single crochet sts inbetween and then again 10 chain sts etc, continuing this way all around.

Very easy and fun to do - and if you don't have that kind of chunky yarn at home, you can easily replace it with two or three strands of sock yarn or other light weights.

(Looks a bit like a millipede, doesn't it :-)?

It's long enough to wear three or even four times around your neck, but of course you can let it hang loosely, like a double necklace, too.

(German summary: Da der Frühling nur sehr zögerlich voranschreitet, habe ich mir doch noch einen neuen, bunten Schal gehäkelt - als Möbius-Variante, mit einer sehr dicken Häkelnadel und dicker, bunter Wolle - wie eine wärmende Halskette!)


Elizabeth said...

What a lovely colourful scarf, just the thing you need when the last of the winter wind is blowing.

Clare Wassermann said...

wow that's gorgeous. I wish I could crochet so much

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thanks, girls!

@Clare: You could start with this one - it's a good beginner's project! Just find someone near to show you the basics - so sorry we don't live closer!

wollkisterl said...

Deine Möbiusvariante schaut recht lustig aus.
lg Elke

Sara Lechner said...

das ist schon unheimlich! ich häkle gerade dasselbe modell und ich glaubte, ICH habe das erfunden!!!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thanks, girls, glad you liked my millipede shawl!

@Clare: Glad you enjoyed the YouTube crochet tutorial link!

@Sara: It's getting really spooky with our simultaneous ideas ...! Our 'fabric brains' seem to be connected on some metaphysical level ;-)!

Angela said...

It's beautiful. I love all the bright colours. I've never learned crochet but I really want to, I've seen so many beautiful things made.

sophielouise said...

Aber es stimmt... meine Mutter macht auch solche Tausendfüßler!! ;-)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, Angela and Sophie!

@Angela: I can only recommend the same link which I sent to Clare upon her comment:

Try it! It's an absolute beginner's tutorial on how to crochet!

Zebra said...

Hm, da weiß ich ja jetzt, was aus den Resten von meinem Vesuv werden könnte... Früher trug man einen Fuchs, heute halt einen Tausendfüssler um den Hals :-) Schöne Frühlingstage mit dem schönen bunten Teil!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Danke Dir, Zebra!