Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noro slipover and a turning yarn holder/Noro-Pullunder und ein kugelgelagerter Wollknäuelhalter ...

My first Noro slipover is ready!

I worked front and back the same, so I can have the choice which side to wear in front.

I didn't really have any pattern, just worked the mitered diamonds (go visit Fibermania!) and took the measures from an old sweater. I do enjoy this 'domino knitting', which makes it possible to knit the whole garments with just two double pointed sock knitting needles.

For this vest, I used the more blurred and darker colours - the bright ones will be knitted with the entrelac vest project, which is also proceeding as rapidly as that slightly more complicated pattern allows ...

While knitting with my fantastic Noro yarns, I felt that I would very much like to have the yarn being unrolled from the outer side, so I can see the colours coming up next and sometimes even do a bit of planning - normally, I take the yarn from inside, to prevent it from rolling around.

When visiting me last summer, Sara had a very useful tool, a turning yarn holder, which had a ball bearing and moved very smoothly, following the knitting movements without snatching.

Unfortunately, she couldn't quite remember where she had bought it - somewhere on-line - so after having searched the net without success, I decided to make one myself.

First I just wanted to use a plain kitchen roll holder and cut off a bit of the stick - but then I stumbled into a cheap normal wooden yarn holder and bought that instead. The next step was to find a ball bearing - I started asking around - until my teenage son had one of his (rare) cleaning-up-the-mess moods and got rid of a pencil organizer which, to my great content, had a ball bearing hidden inside!

As the bottom size of this organizer happened to be almost the same as for the yarn holder, the only thing I had to do was to put the organizer apart, drill a center hole big enough for the stick casing and screw the ball bearing part to the wooden bottom of the yarn holder.

Et voilà! A turning yarn holder with almost no effort at all!

(German summary: So, mein erster Noro-Pullunder ist fertig - ich habe ihn in den gedeckteren Farben gestrickt, und zwar so, daß ich ihn beidseitig tragen kann - mit den kleinen Quadraten, die sich wie Dominosteine aneinander fügen. Außerdem habe ich mir einen kugelgelagerten Wollknäuelständer gebastelt, weil ich den Farbverlauf der bunten Noro-Wolle gerne rechtzeitig erkennen möchte.)


Clare Wassermann said...

hey - very very clever woman!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Clare! Love to hear such a nice compliment from a really talented woman like you!

sophielouise said...

I love this pullover! The pattern and color is beautifull and it looks so cosy!

Manya Maratou said...

I love the slipover (pullover) -and it cracks me up that it is also a pullunder!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Sophie and dear Manya!

@Manya: Yes, the German translation into 'Pullunder' for 'slipover' is really great fun!

tientje said...

wahrscheinlich hier gekauft:

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Danke Tientje! Ja, wenn ich ihn mir so anschau' - dort könnte Sara ihn sehr wohl damals gekauft haben!

Und trotzdem freue ich mich, daß mein 'Selbstgebastelter' nachwievor einwandfrei funktioniert - und ich das Geld stattdessen für Wolle ausgeben kann ;-)!