Friday, December 5, 2008

When I wish upon a star ...

This is a felted star I did some time ago - and I'm making some more now, for Christmas. It's wet felted with natural white roving over a metal wire, then embellished with some glass beads.


Yesterday was 'kind of Xmas to me - I received a wonderful parcel from Paula, filled with the most gorgeous small scale printed cotton and silk fabrics, colourful embroidery threads and glass beads ... and even one of Paula's fantastic 'skitches'!

I was so happy and inspired - and today I rushed to the post office with my mail swap for her!

I must admit I just love getting mail - especially this kind of surprise parcels! And I think it's a lovely idea to swap goodies from your stash with someone who appreciates similar things ... making yourself and somebody else double happy, both enjoying the gathering and packing as well as the receiving and exploring of the gift - well, if this isn't Xmas!

And it's sensible recycling and resource consciousness par excellence, isn't it? (And it keeps the post men busy!) I love it! Anyone else out there wanting to swap with me?


Anonymous said...

I love the felted star. and im glad you liked the parcel - looking forward to the postman turning up here!

kristin said...

i've really got to try out your's fabulous!

and, swap? did someone say swap? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the star too, and have everything here to make some. Probably won't happen until after Christmas, but it will be something new for the next one.
Judy B

Dot said...

What a lovely swap you did with Paula! I have just come from her blog and saw the wonderful goodies you sent to her.

Love what she sent to you too!

Would be very interested in doing a swap with you at some stage. I love swapping with people all overthe world.

Dot(from Australia)..