Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A felted hair ribbon - and some embroidery books/Gefilztes Haarband und Bücher

This is a felted hair ribbon which I really needed to do, as my old, red one almost was falling apart from everyday's wear.

I used strips of a green, woolen sweater and punched it with some prefelt, yarn, threads and fabric and finally sew on a couple of beads.

These are some embroidery books I bought in Sweden -

with various aspects of embroidery -

the second picture f.e. is out of the book "Tenntrådsbroderier" ('Tin thread embroidery') by Mona Callenberg, which is a North Scandinavian/Sami technique where spun tin thread is plaited and embroidered on reindeer leather, mostly for jewelry, but also on purses, bags and clothing.

What I find to be quite amusing is the third picture, out of "Med egna stygn" by Lena Lundgren, which shows the traditional wool work, here used with illustrations from childrens' books and comics. This is a modern book on embroidery, inspiring the reader to do all sorts of own experiments with thread on unconventional materials.

The first picture, out of "Yllebroderier" by Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson, is wool work on wool felt, this one showing mainly corner motifs to build up a composition. The book is filled with colourful photos and sketches on floral and folkloristic Swedish wool work, all designed by the author.

And the last picture is out of the book "Sömmar & stygn" by Anita Gunnars, a very clear and fresh stitch collection, here showing an old Swedish stitch from the early 19th century called "Anundsjösöm".

I'm still a bit stuck in everyday matters at the moment and therefore not so productive on textiles right now - have a look at Paula's blog: she describes exactly what I mean - I just wanted to say that I still very much enjoy your hanging around and commenting!

(German summary: Ein mit dem Embellisher gefilztes Haarband - Wolle, Garne, Stoff auf Strickstoff gepuncht - und einige Stickbücher, die ich aus Schweden mitgebracht habe - meist Wollstickerei, aber auch eines über Zinnstickerei, eine alte nordskandinavische/lappländische Technik, wo der gesponnene Zinnfaden kunstvoll geflochten und danach auf Rentierleder aufgenäht/gestickt wird. Das dritte Bild zeigt Kinderbuchillustrationen/Comics in herkömmlicher Wollstickereitechnik, nett, oder? - Und obwohl ich im Moment für textiles Arbeiten nur schwer Zeit und Muße finde, schätze ich meine kleine Leserschaft sehr ...)


Clare W said...

I love that hair band - any chance of a tutorial?

Sara Lechner said...

I love the pillows. the thingies that hang from the corners are so swedish!and the clear simplicity of everything...
please do blog also about nothing. It is for you too not only for the others.
I found for instance this simple blog:
and I love this way of writing a blog and the work of this young lady!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, girls!

@ Clare: Tutorial, hmm - I'll give it a thought!

@ Sara: What a nice link - I wouldn't call it a simple blog, it's really a great one! Have bookmarked it for more thorough reading later on!

yvette said...

you made a beautiful piece of art...like to see it in your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totty Teabag said...

I love your dreadlocks, and I envy you your books. I can't buy any at the moment, but I must make the effort to go to our new library and see what they have.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, Yvette and Totty!

@ Yvette: You are a curious one, aren't you? And I am a shy one! But I'm glad you're back - hope you're feeling well now!

@ Totty: Glad you like my dreads! Guess you wouldn't really enjoy these books - they are in Swedish! But thanks for envying anyway!


All beautiful work! Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I like you hair ribbon very much, and also the cushions from the book. its a good point Sara makes about blogging for yourself as much as others, i handt really thought of it like that.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thanks, Carolyn and Paula! Yes, I agree with you, Paula, that Sara made a good point there. Still - I would like to keep my blog on the creative track, somehow ...

ritarenata said...

ich habe dich irgendwie verpasst. wie konnte das passieren.
tolle schätze gibts ja in sweden.
übrigens das war mit 10 jahren mein erste (aus)land, wo ich gerne hinziehen wollte. ich habe darüber gelesen. und war total beeindruckt.
ich habe 2 wörter mir gemerkt<. mormor und farfar (oder so).
hej då. rita