Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two crocheted scarves/Zwei gehäkelte Schals

So, I'm done with my crocheted scarves, which I made with that 'famous' variegated sock wool!

They are 20-25 cm x 120 cm (you cast on 30-35 chain stitches and work one double crochet stitch in each chain, turning with 4 chainstitches, continuing with double crochet stitches between the previous ones) - and while crocheting, I got the idea to add a button in the corner - a 'Bockfilz button', as you can see! - which can be buttoned up through any of the holes to secure the scarf as tight or as loose as you like it!

The lighter one (with more pink and yellow in it) found a new owner as a birthday present today already - the one with orange and turquoise is mine to keep! And I guess I have to let my wrists calm off a bit now - they're not used to knit and crochet around the clock anymore!

(German summary: Meine beiden gehäkelten Schals sind fertig und meine Handgelenke glühen förmlich! Sie sind beide aus Sockenwolle gehäkelt, 30-35 lm anschlagen und dann mit Doppelstäbchen zu gewünschter Länge - bei mir waren es 120 cm - weiterarbeiten, 4 lm zum Wenden. Mit einem Knopf im Eck - der irgendwo durchgeknöpft werden kann - wird der Schal so festgehalten, wie man ihn braucht.)

7 comments: said...

Ah, gute Idee mit dem Knopf! Und wunderschön bunt!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Danke, Frauke!

Julie said...

Yummy! I would keep the orange and turquoise too :-)

Sara Lechner said...

genial geworden! werde ich auch einen ausprobieren. die idee mit dem knopf ist toll!
die wortbestätigung, die ich für diese mail schreiben muss, ist sehr passend für uns, sie heißt "ansock"!

Elizabeth said...

You have been working hard, they are lovely and the button adds something special.
What new project will you come up with? Looking forward on what is cooking in your creative kitchen.

Anonymous said...

wonderful - i love the little 'bockfilz' button - you should make that your signature. i will email soon. xx paula

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, girls! It's so lovely reading your encouraging comments and have you hanging around!

Yes, I was delighted indeed to find those 'Bockfilz' buttons by accident at a textile thriftstore - they almost look like my logo ;-)!