Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wheel of Life - Mahatma Gandhi

"The music of the wheel will be as balm to your soul. I believe that the yarn we spin is capable of mending the broken warp and woof of our life. The Charkha (=spinning wheel) is the symbol of non-violence on which all life, if it is to be real life, must be based."

Mahatma Gandhi

As I've been spinning a lot on my spinning wheel lately - and found this to be very comforting and meditative - I was quite touched by this poetic quotation by Mahatma Gandhi and wanted to share it with you.


yvette said...

thank you for sharing...it's so true!


Elizabeth said...

What a wise man he was.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, indeed!

Thanks for commenting!

paulahewitt said...

great quote!