Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puzzled knitting/Rätselhaftes Stricken

I guess I'm a bit crazy to be inspired by a book which hasn't been published yet - but when I saw the front page presented in a Swedish magazine ("Hemslöjden"), it looked so startling and interesting that I just had to try out an own version of that 'puzzled knitting' ...

Do I need to say that I used some of that variegated sock wool ... ?

Below is the front page of the new Swedish knitting book "Stickning. Ett hantverk att utveckla" by Britt-Marie Christoffersson, which will be available on September 24.

(Both pictures above are from, photographer: Thomas Harrysson)

(German summary: Ich hab' mich von einem noch nicht erschienenen Buch inspirieren lassen ... aber die Vorderseite war schon so vielversprechend, daß ich etwas Eigenes in dem Stil einfach ausprobieren mußte!)



I know this as "crazy knitting"

Sara Lechner said...

This is wonderful!! I also thought I must give it a try. The sock wool is also very interesting for this!! Great!

Elizabeth said...

What a great idea. You know what, I like your piece better than the bookcover. Keep on knitting.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you for commenting and encouraging, girls!

I'm sure I will keep on knitting for quite a while, Elizabeth - sweet of you to prefer mine ;-)!