Friday, February 26, 2010

The winter is over!/Der Winter ist vorbei!

It's been a long and cold and ugly winter, but now I feel spring is on its way, with more warmth to come.

As I took my coffee cup outside yesterday, to sit a while in the garden, I discovered the first early spring flowers persistently digging their way up through the wet soil, and I saw the first honey bees flying around.

I'm truly sorry for having neglected you and my blog for such a long period now - it's been a difficult time and my energy resources have been very low.

But now I'm back again, hoping to find you still being there ...

For Christmas, I had an exciting surprice parcel from Elizabeth at Landanna - she had used some of my materials to embroider this beautiful one-of-a-kind textile rune stone:

It is embroidered with black and red linen thread on woolen cloth, then mounted on a knitted red background - I'm really impressed by this perfect solution! (Read her own blog posting here.)

And a fortnight ago, I had Sara visiting me and we spent a relaxed, yet inspiring week together, talking, working, making future plans ...

She brought this gorgeous cushion as a birthday present:

It's a combination of punching, patchwork and embroidery on wool and I adore it! (You can read about the details in her own blog entry here.)

What a joy receiving such beautiful gifts from two such talented and wonderful friends!

Sara is now starting a new blog called 'Sheezo, Frenya and the little lamb', which is divided into three parts, corresponding to her main art work.

My blog will remain being a mixture of the different things I'm doing and discovering.

Lately, I've been knitting and crocheting a lot and have quite some projects on the go. I've kept on experimenting with variegated sock wool, but I have also found some new and exciting other colourful yarns which I'd like to show you. There will also be some lace knitting, a moebius, necklaces, flowers, starfish and recycling knitting - well, I hope it will be of interest to you!

I shall be posting again within the next few days.

(German summary:

Der elendlange Winter ist endlich vorbei und ich fasse Mut für einen Neustart. Von meinen Freundinnen Elizabeth und Sara habe ich diese wundervollen Geschenke bekommen, Details dazu gibt es auf ihren eigenen Blogs.

Ich habe recht viel gestrickt und gehäkelt während den letzten Wochen, und habe mit allen möglichen Techniken und Farben herumexperimentiert - mehr dazu in Kürze!)


Elizabeth said...

Hej Anneli,

I am so glad you are allright. Have been thinking a lot about you and meant to write. You sound like the start of spring, it is sooo good to hear from you.

Looking forward to another path on your creative journey.

Lots of love and a big hug.

xoxo Elizabeth

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you and big hug to you too, Elizabeth!

Clare Wassermann said...

So glad you are back and sounding like you have energy!

Paula Hewitt said...

good to see you back Anneli


We're still here honey, hope all is ok. Look forward to seeing what you choose to share with us :o)


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

@ Paula, Clare, Carolyn: It's wonderful to read your encouraging comments and to know you're still with me - thank you, girls!