Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crocheted necklaces/Gehäkelte Halsketten

While Sara and I were knitting and chatting in my living room, she told me about a necklace she had seen in a boutique in Wales while visiting her daughter. It sounded fun, so we decided to try our own version with the variegated wool we had at hand.

Sara crocheted hers in black and pastel colours, I chose my favourite winter colours, black and red:

We both made them long enough to reach three or four times around the neck, and as it is a woolen yarn, it even warms the neck almost like a scarf.

I tried some other versions as well - these are flat stars which I punched lightly with the embellisher afterwards in order to get a smoother backside:

The next one was crocheted with linen and cotton yarns - starfish and small pebbles wrapped in
chain, double and treble crochet - a bit more of a summer necklace, this is:

And finally, another kind of flowery necklace, more like a collar:

These are really uncomplicated necklaces, perfect to wear with a sweater or with a straight linen dress f.e. I think the variegated sock wool ;-) is marvellous for this purpose, but a thin cotton or even silk yarn would of course be a nice option as well ...

There is no firm pattern to follow, just play around with your hook and your wool and crochet along!

(German summary:

Diese unkomplizierten Halsketten sind vorwiegend mit bunter Sockenwolle gehäkelt - die Sternvariante noch zusätzlich leicht gepuncht; bei der Seesternkette sind noch kleine Steinchen mit eingehäkelt.)


Elizabeth said...

WOW!!!! These are lovely. They all look so different.

Have a lovely evening.


Angelcat said...

Your necklaces are wonderful! Very pretty.

Clare Wassermann said...

I think they are wonderful - I especially love the darker colours. I can't get the hang of crochet at all

Allerleirauh said...

Die Ketten sind ja ganz bezaubernd, bin ja nicht so die Schmuckträgerin, aber die muss ich mir merken und schön am wieder eine Post von dir zu lesen.
Liebe Grüsse, Allerleirauh

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, girls! I'm happy you enjoy my necklaces - as a matter of fact, I like them a lot too!

dulcy said...

I'm am crocheting quit a bit right now, but not at all sure how you made these. Is it one continuous flow, or are the stars and other parts of the design hooked separately and then attached?

Thank you,

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hi Dulcy - thank you for commenting!

The motifs are hooked separately - the round ones, for the first necklace, even double - and then connected with the (black) chain and single crochet stitches in one flow, first one half side of the motifs, then another round for the other, doing single crochet stitches in the chains.

I hope you get the idea of what I mean :-) - if not, let me know! I'd love to see your version when you're finished!

Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

I love all of these, too!!