Monday, March 22, 2010

Knitting a moebius and crocheting flowers/Ein gestrickter Möbius und gehäkelte Blumen

Trying to ignore the fact that it's raining cats and dogs and that I've got a silly bad cold, I'm keeping the fireplace burning, knitting a moebius in an explosion of colours to keep spirits high ...

(Unfortunately, the colours just don't come out here as vividly as they do in reality - but maybe you'll get the idea anyway.)

It's a moebius scarf - a twisted circular knitted scarf - where you need to do a special cast-on, shown for instance on this youtube tutorial.

As I had tried a couple of moebius versions before, which I wasn't quite happy with, I decided to buy a real nice moebius pattern online at Zauberglöckchen. It's a bit complicated, but turns out beautiful!

I hope being able to finish it within the next few days, as I'll be leaving for an Easter trip to Sweden at the end of the week - and it's going to be a present!

I've also done some flower necklaces for the Easter eggs:

(German version: Ich stricke gerade einen Möbius von Zauberglöckchen - nicht ganz einfach, aber der Mühe wert! Eine selbsterdachte Blumenhäkelkette wird auch den Weg in ein Osterei finden ...)


Elizabeth said...


You have been busy. Just a few days and you will be in Sweden again. Have fun during your easter holiday.

Hugs from Denmark

Sara Lechner said...

jetzt sehe ich, wo du steckst! ich stricke gerade ein täschchen, à la léa stenzal... wenn ich weiter bin, stelle ich sie in the little lamb.
schau, dass du deinen schnupfen auskurierst!!

Julie said...

I hope you soon get rid of that cold. Enjoy your trip to Sweden!

kristin said...

such pretty,pretty necklaces, i'm trying to imagine them on an egg! :)

enjoy sweden...hope it is all lovely, it's a someday dream of mine to go there. xx

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you for commenting, girls! No, Kristin, not on, but in the egg - as a present! :-)) Happy Easter holidays for you all!

Angelcat said...

Your necklaces are so pretty!

Kelly said...

I love your flower garland! I only wish I could make something as pretty as this!