Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recycling bag and plastic jewellery/Recyclingtasche und Plastikschmuck

I'm in the mood for recycling again ... besides all the well-known reasons why this is a great thing to do, it sparks the imagination!

This is a small round shoulder bag, made out of tiny scraps of different sock wools which I found in my stash.

I started with the bottom, crocheting a round piece, then I turned it and went on crocheting upwards, without doing any more increases.

I added four button loops on the last round, turned the top down to make the bag more sturdy and sew on some flower buttons, so I can close the bag if I like to. As the shoulder strap has a button hole on each end, I can unbutton the strap and use the bag as a table container if desired as well.

And this is 'plastic fantastic' - a simple summer necklace to wear on the beach with the swimming gear, for instance:

I crocheted a long necklace with a thick, multicoloured cotton yarn, then I took a dive into that box with toy plastic beads which my daughter had sorted out - and I had kept in my stash a while for some reason :-) - and added these by crocheting another round onto the cotton necklace, this time with some of that variegated embroidery yarn.

As I still had more of the thick cotton yarn, I went on by knitting two circular necklaces in stockinette stitch, letting them curl up to a kind of rope:

And the colourful combination of these necklaces could be quite an interesting piece of summer jewellery, don't you think?

(German summary: Aus vielen kleinen Sockenwollresten habe ich eine 'Topftasche' gehäkelt - und aus dem Kaugummiautomaten-Plastikperlen meiner Tochter und dickem Baumwollgarn noch einen bunten Strandschmuck gestrickt und gehäkelt. Recycling fördert die Fantasie!)


Elizabeth said...

What would we do without our stash? We just keep every little piece and strangely enough we find a project to use it in later on.

The pieces you made are lovely and with a real summer touch.


Sara Lechner said...

hey, these are all fantastic! I like the idea that you can wear the bag or take it with you with a project inside. the necklaces are also something to try. Now I go looking for plastic pearls...

Clare Wassermann said...

I think you should head on down to the beach and seel some of those necklaces - they look like surf wear

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you girls - glad you liked my *surf wear* (;-)to Clare)! As we don't have anything like a beach nearby, I'm just wearing my bag for the moment - it's really a useful little thing!

Heather said...

Fantastic shoulder purse!!
...makes me wish I knew how to crochet!!

Egbert said...

Recycling bag and plastic jewellery/Recyclingtasche und ... surfacetasche.blogspot.de