Friday, October 22, 2010


It' s getting more and more chilly in the mornings - autumn is finally here to stay. I made a door wreath with the rose-hips from my garden and keep the wooden fire burning in my hall.

I needed a small triangle scarf and knitted it with the colourful handdyed wool I bought from 'Dornröschen' earlier this fall - it's a 6-ply sock yarn.

As a small decoration in front, I knitted a woven part for the front by dividing the stitches within a square, knitting three cords separately.

Now I'm planning to start a bit of experimenting - with the embellisher and with embroidery techniques again ...

(German summary: Der Herbst hat jetzt auch bei uns endgültig Einzug gehalten und es ist kühl und nebelig in der Früh.

Ich habe aus Hagebutten einen Türkranz gewunden und schüre das Feuer im Ofen. Mit der dicken, bunten Sockenwolle von Dornröschen habe ich einen kleinen Dreikantschal gestrickt und ihn mit einem geflochtenen Mittenteil versehen.

Demnächst plane ich wieder ein paar Experimente mit dem Embellisher und mit Stickerei.)


Elizabeth said...

That is a fantastic, great idea to embellish with knitting. It looks so intrigueing.

Have a great weekend.

Sara Lechner said...


Clare Wassermann said...

Both of them beautiful - a real celebration of Autumn

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you girls! It's so very nice to have you around, I appreciate that!

Perpetua said...

Ah! That is so clever. Really nice--I have been doing some not-so-great experiments with woven fibers--this "window" approach is just great!