Thursday, September 22, 2011

New start into autumn/Neuer Herbstanfang

Crisp, foggy mornings and red apples hanging sweet and shiny from the trees in my garden ... This year's Indian summer slowly turns into autumn and I realize it's been quite a while since last, dear friends ...

But it's been a great summer, warm and sunny, with friends and family visiting, some of them for several weeks. I've done a bit of this and that inbetween - maybe I'll show you some of those projects later on.

Things have happened: Elizabeth at Landanna is back blogging with fresh inspiration - Sara has moved to Argentina and told me in a mail, that there are lots of interesting textiles to see in Buenos Aires - Clare has visited a free-hand machine embroidery workshop and will certainly come up with new projects on that - and in other blogs, I've seen a lot of beautiful natural dyeing experiments, which look very exciting.

I think we are blessed to have this medium to share and inspire one another.

Two days ago, I received a very much longed-for, late big-birthday present from my Dad: a new sewing machine, a Bernina 350, to replace my still-working, but 50-year-old Singer. (Men understand the point better if you remind them that cars have improved a bit too during the last 50 years ... ;-).

I'm overwhelmed with this wonderful, new tool - and today I started playing with it, using the darning and quilting foot, exercising on a dog print fabric I had at hand:

The picture to the right shows the back - I think it looks rather funny too, almost like a newspaper comic!

Here's another one:

I did a couple of free-motion flowers as well - maybe for a greeting card - using an automatic machine pattern for the border:

And of course I had to try out free-hand writing on the machine too!

There are some books on this subject that might interest you:

- "Free & easy stitch style" by Poppy Treffry
(German title: "Das etwas andere Nähbuch")

- "Scandinavian Stitches" by Kajsa Wikman
(also known as Syko:

- The "Impatient embroiderer" by Jane Emerson
(German title: "Einfach maschinensticken")

- "Textile Natur/Textile nature" by Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe
(German and English text)

And while working, I had this somewhat crazy idea to simply colour some white thread with markers to get striped and dotted thread ... Of course this is more convenient to use for hand-sewing, as you will have to renew the pattern from time to time, when unravelling the upper layer - but it's fast and easy and it even looks decorative on the shelf!

(German summary: Herbstanfang und Neuanfang. So viel Neues gibt es bei euch, liebe Blogfreundinnen - schön, daß wir dieses Medium zum Austausch haben. Ich habe seit ein paar Tagen eine neue Nähmaschine und spiele jetzt vor allem mit der Freihandstickfunktion - einige Buchtipps zum Thema, drei Titel davon auch auf Deutsch - und eine verrückte Idee, mit einem Edding das Nähgarn auf Zebra zu trimmen :-)


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your new sewing machine. The dogs are really funny to look at. Glad that you are so happy with my return in blogosphere.

Clare Wassermann said...

The world is now your oyster! xx

Wolle Natur Farben said...

This is great fun, das kommt voll bei mir an, besonders auch die Rückseiten sehen witzig aus. Sehr gelungen alles, die Blume gefällt mir besonders ! ein neues großes Abenteuerfeld mit der neuen Nähmaschine, ein absolutes Superteil, dabin ich schon sehr gespannt, was da noch alles so kommt mit der neuen Freihandstickfunktion. Und diesen Satz von dir kann ich nur voll unterstützen: "I think we are blessed to have this medium to share and inspire one another." Danke auch für die Literaturtips. und übrigens von der Faser Marsham habe ich noch nie gehört, was ist das denn ? herzliche Grüße und dir einen guten Herbst Anke

swig said...

wirklich sehr schön! herzliche Grüsse!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear friends - so nice to see you're back! I'll make an effort to get some regularity in again, now!

Sara Lechner said...

Deine Ideen sind immer genial!! die gestreiften Fäden sind ein hit.