Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mongolian Warrior Pullover/Mongolischer Kriegerpullover

At last, at last - I've finally managed to finish that Mongolian Warrior Pullover, which I promised my daughter more than a year (shame, shame!) ago ...

When she saw the design in Nicki Epstein's book 'Knitting On Top of the World', she asked me to knit one for her too - but in black, with just a bit of olive green - and if possible, with detachable sleeves (which is of course not in the pattern), so that she can wear it both as a pullover and as a sleeveless vest/waistcoat.

As I had already knitted a red vest for myself using this pattern, I wasn't that eager to make another one (I hate knitting the same pattern twice!) - but nevertheless I bought some nice wool & bamboo yarn and started on it -

Well, now it's finished, at last! (And when I finally started, it didn't even take that long ...)

For the detachable sleeves, I crocheted a row of single crochet along the outer strips, working some short chains as 'buttonholes' on the shoulders - which you would hardly notice when the sleeves are off. The buttons themselves were spread onto the top of the sleeves.

The buttons on the hips are just for decoration - I thought it would look nice to repeat the brass buttons there, giving it a slightly 'military' touch - well, it is after all a warrior pullover, isn't it?

And - I've got a big parcel from Susa again - wonderful handdyed wool, to knit and to spin -

this one makes me think of an old fisherboat, lying on the shore:

- and the spinning wool (I've already begun spinning it!) - which Susa dyed upon my request, on Wensleydale sheep wool - will become a wonderful, soft 'deep lake in the forest'-sweater ...

(German summary: Endlich habe ich den 'Mongolischen Krieger'-Pullover fertig, den sich meine Tochter schon seit einem Jahr wünscht - wir haben ihn mit abknöpfbaren Ärmeln abgeändert. Und dann habe ich noch wieder wunderschöne, handgefärbte Strick- und Spinnwolle von Susa bekommen - und natürlich schon angefangen zu spinnen ...)


Elizabeth said...

Wow that is one hell of a pullover. I almost, really almost, want to ask you to make one for me. Don't worry I'm not gonna ask despite the fact that I'm a little bit envious of your little girl, LOL.

Hope you had a great sunny weekend too.

Wolle Natur Farben said...

Oh was hast du denn da für einen Traum produziert , das ist ja absolut beeindruckend, habe ich überhaupt noch nie gesehen so ein Teil. Respekt für so eine Leistung. herzliche Grüße Anke

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, girls! Yes, I like this design a lot too - it's really something quite different! Oh, and I forgot to tell that the backside is crossed-stripped in the same way as the front.

As Emily and I decided it would look nicer not to have a seam on the shoulder (like in the pattern), I knitted front and back in one piece, diagonally, that is - and as the strips have different lengths, depending on their position, it was a bit like an 'intelligence puzzle' to get all ends woven in correctly ;-)!

Zebra said...

Boah! Das Design ist ja der Hammer! Kann ich gut verstehn, dass Deine Tochter sowas haben wollte (aber auch genauso gut, dass Du nicht dasselbe zweimal arbeiten willst, geht mir auch so :-))! Und die Idee mit den abknöpfbaren Ärmeln ist auch toll. Gab es ja vor ein paar Hundert Jahren schon mal in der Mode. Ist auf jeden Fall ein schickes Teil geworden!