Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Xmas project II: Felt ornament/Weihnachtsprojekt II: Filzhänger

What can you do with some scraps of white felt, bits of ribbons and lace? Well, a Christmas ornament, of course!

The felt I used for this was quite a sturdy one, actually a piece of a table placemat, and so it will hang nicely, no backing needed.

A little bit of ribbon and some handstitching, and it could turn out like this:

For the decoration of the second one I used different bits of lace and sewed them down with free motion machine stitches - but of course you could do it all by hand as well:

I guess there are endless ways of using tablemat felt in various colours for making ornaments - maybe also in combination with paper (what about photos?) or fabric ... could be adapted for a kids' project as well, I think!

(German summary: Ein Stück festen Filz - hier von Tischsets - und Reste von Borten, Bänder und Spitze - und Simsalabim! - hat man einen Christbaumschmuck!)


Elizabeth said...

They are wonderful, you are such a creative lady!!!!

Clare Wassermann said...

You've got me thinking!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thanks, girls!

@ Elizabeth: Glad you like them!
@ Clare: Sounds interesting ;-) ...!

kristin said...

those are just the sweetest!! love all the details. well done, my friend. xx

Zebra said...

Oh, wie schön! Besonders die Idee mit den Spitzen finde ich wundervoll!