Monday, December 5, 2011

Small Xmas project I: Lavender hearts /Weihnachtsprojekt I: Lavendelherzen

This year I managed to harvest my lavender in time - and I got a whole tray full of the wonderful smelling blossoms to let dry. I did cut up some of the flower stalks as well, as their scent of lavender is just as strong as the blossoms themselves.

Last time when visiting Stockholm, I bought a handprinted linen kitchen towel at 'Svensk Hemslöjd' (a Swedish domestic art & craft shop), with just the right size of red hearts on it. So I cut the hearts out, with a small seam allowance, and sewed them up with a red linen fabric for backing.

When the blossoms and stalks were all dry, I just had to fill them into the fabric hearts and close the opening with a few handstitches.

Finally, I decorated the front with flower motives from a machine lace fabric and some white vintage buttons.

(German summary: Heuer habe ich es geschafft, rechtzeitig meinen Lavendel zu ernten und zu trocknen. Dann habe ich ihn in rote Leinenstoffherzen gefüllt, die ich aus einem handgedruckten Geschirrhandtuch ausgeschnitten und genäht habe.)


Elizabeth said...

And they look just more than fabulous and I'm pretty sure their smell will be like a clean summer breeze.

Enjoy them Anneli!!!!

Lana Cotta said...

Prima! Sie sind hubsch!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, girls! Yes, Elizabeth, they do smell lovely - and so will the drawers and cupboards!

I've promised myself not to forget harvesting my lavender every year from now on - so that I can be really generous with those bags!

Sara said...

toll, wie immer, und die zeit vergeht, ohne dass ich es merke!!!

Clare Wassermann said...

what a great idea - and a lovely scent

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Sara, dear Clare!

(If you click on 'red hearts' in the text now, I've just managed to link to a shop window picture of the fabrics ...)

kristin said...

these are just perfect. those linen towels are the best fabric for creating. i love the idea of small christmas projects. keeping it small and calm has always been my goal, yet you've created something quite unique and special as well. xx

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Kristin!

Yes, small and calm ... let's all remember that these days!