Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another sleeveless vest!/Noch einen Pullunder!

Yes, I enjoy this way of knitting very much - this time, I tried doing a more graphic pattern in a colour scheme which I have never chosen before.

As I'm just knitting strips with quite few stitches at the time, I prefer using (wooden) double-pointed sock needles. The finishing rows at neck and arms are crocheted, and for the waistband I then needed a circular knitting needle, of course.

This vest is actually a de-stasher, as most of the yarn was either found in my stash or reclaimed from another garment - I only bought one single ball of sockwool yarn to get a bit of glowing turquoise into it!

A clever thing about knitting strips is that you don't have to worry about gauge and measurements until you've been knitting for quite a while - then there's still time to layer it onto one of your favourite sweaters and compare sizes.

Another advantage of this piece-work is that you can knit it almost entirely on sock needles - even knitting two strips parallel, if you want. The striping itself helps you count the rows easily when comparing lengths and sewing it all together.

And furthermore, the strips make it possible to re-arrange the design and the order of colours till the very end - you can even turn them upside down before mounting!

(German summary: Mir gefällt diese Art, Streifen zu stricken, sehr gut, da man wirklich bis zuletzt die einzelnen Teile neu arrangieren und ergänzen kann. Die Strumpfstricknadeln machen die Arbeit sehr handlich, und auch das Kombinieren verschiedener Wollreste- und stärken ist hier kein Problem!)


Elizabeth said...

haha, just wrote you with the question when are you gonna post again!!!!

But I got what I asked for. Lovely sweater you made with stripes. And yes the sun was shining, wow, haha!!!

Enjoy your evening.

Clare Wassermann said...

Oh lovely I would adore one of these...

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you so much, dear Elizabeth, dear Clare! You are so sweet and encouraging, both of you!

Clare Wassermann said...

Actually you've got me knitting on little double point needles. I can only do basic garter stitch but I'm making anTomten scarf!!!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hey, that's great, Clare! Garter stitch will be just perfect for a Tomten scarf, I think!

Clare Wassermann said...

I've just learned to purl from YouTube so I'm doing stocking stitch too hooray !

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Wow - I'm proud of you, Clare! I guess now you're never going to lay those needles down again - at least until you've knitted yourself a vest too!
If you have any questions while knitting it, I'd be glad to help if I can!

Zebra said...

Ach, das ist ja lustig, dass Du auch gerade sowas machst! Ich habe so ein Streifenmodell in einer Zeitschrift gesehen und seitdem spiele ich mit dem Design - zunächst mal nur im Kopf. Es war in einer Strickzeitschrift, ich will aber versuchen etwas aus Streifen zu nähen, weil ich ja immer auf der Suche nach Schnitten ohne Verschnitt und ein Liebhaber des Rechtecks bin!
Deine Version gefällt mir auf jeden Fall sehr gut!
Grüße vom Zebra