Monday, March 19, 2012

Blue batts and a 'denim' yarn

One of the best things about our blogworld is the mutual inspiration - how one idea leads to another, like in a relay ...

My dear blog friend Elizabeth/Landanna is working on a big jeans project, where she is unseaming piles of worn jeans and then handsewing them together for new shapes with a bright red thread. This combination of faded blue shades and the red stitches is really awesome, and I just adore the fresh and beautiful look of it.

Having had these pictures in mind, I've been pondering over how to integrate these colours in a project of my own.

And a few days ago I found what I've been searching for - the 'Shizuku' scarf pattern by Angela Tong (free Ravelry download). Shizuku means drops of water, I've learned, and so I think these shades of blue will be a perfect match.

(I admit I'm not really the only one loving this pattern - if you go visit Lavendelblau or MelinoLiesl f.e., you will see other beautiful versions of it.)

To create the feeling of worn jeans, I carded the different blues I had stashed - a little green and white too - together with some red sheep locks I've dyed myself.

I carded the wool quite roughly and only once, then spun the batts into an irregular and a bit bumpy worsted yarn. I decided to ply with a ball of the new Noro Sekku (yes, also stashed!), a very thin cotton/wool/nylon/silk blend, which emphazises the casual denim look quite well, I think.

(German summary: Seit einiger Zeit folge ich meiner Freundin Elizabeth's Jeansprojekt und überlege, wie ich die schöne Kombination ihrer blauen Jeanstöne mit leuchtendem Rot auf ein Strickprojekt übertragen kann. Das nette 'Shizuku'-Muster von Angela Tong gab mir dann den Anstoß zum Kardieren, Spinnen und Stricken ...)


Elizabeth said...

I'm in love with your blue too.

Sara said...


Clare Wassermann said...

It's funny because several people on the web seem to be suddenly using indigo and red. I'm very tempted myself!

Wolle Natur Farben said...

Also "mutual inspiration" das ist es für mich auch immer diese blogwelt, wunderschön deine Blautöne und viel Inspiriation hole ich mir auch auf deinem Blog, danke dafür. Liebe Grüße Anke

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear friends!

Not only the mutual inspiration, but the sharing is also such a great thing about blogworld ... sharing and getting a bit of feedback!

@ Clare: I wasn't aware of that - just concentrated on Elizabeth's project - but now I've been googling on 'indigo and red' and see what you mean!

Anonymous said...

Wunderschöne Wolle. Die Farben sind traumhaft. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht. Liebe Grüße, Inge