Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spinning for leisure, felting for pleasure

This orange flower just had to be made, celebrating the first warm and sunny spring days!

I added a couple of beads and French knots for embellishment and a safety pin on the back - a brooch for a spring jacket or as a closure for a shawl or a wrap. It's a small present for a friend of mine.

I've been spinning a little too - just for the fun of it, no special project in mind. 'Spinning is good for the soul' - Anke at WolleNaturFarben often reminds me of that in her blog postings - and yes, spinning is like meditating, it soothens your mind and calms your thoughts - and at the same time, your hands produce a lovely yarn out of the soft wool on your lap.

I still had a roving left of the New Zealand wool I dyed myself two summers ago - not a very spectacular one, but I did like the red dots in between:

It's funny, how serendipity often decides how a yarn will turn out - sometimes a most beautiful roving turns out to become a quite regular yarn, sometimes it's just the other way round ...

You make your decisions about the wool, the blending, to card or not to card, about the thickness and the whorl when spinning, how and with which material to ply - and still there is a randomness which keeps surprising you until the end.

Even if I have been spinning enthusiastically for a couple of years and know that I can control the handling a lot more now than in the beginning, I still feel there's a lot left to be learned. I remain a seeker and beginner in my experiments.

It seems every new yarn teaches me something I didn't observe before - in this case, it was the colour of the plying. When plying with a thin thread, I usually try 'hiding' it by choosing the dominant colour of the roving - this time, I took a shiny blue silk thread instead and a dark red woolen one, referring to the red spots on the wool -

and in my opinion, this was exactly what made this yarn arise. (Meeting the colours with the camera would need improved skills though, I'm afraid - the first photo above, with the felt flower in the front, shows the 'glow' better ...)

(German summary: Eine gefilzte Blumenbrosche zum Einläuten des Frühlings - und einige Gedanken darüber, wie jedes handgesponnene Garn mir neue Erkenntnisse und Aha-Erlebnisse bringt - diesmal war es die farbliche Akzentuierung beim Verzwirnen.)


Nana said...

Toll.... überhaupt mag ich Deinen Blog, weil er so vielseitig ist. Ich komme wieder!


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Danke, liebe Nana - ich freu' mich total über Dein Lob!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures are just beautiful, love the colours.

Angela said...

Love your beautiful orange flower

Wolle Natur Farben said...

Liebe Anneli, deine orange Blüte wunderschön regt mich auch sehr zum Filzen an, mache gerade ein Filzexperiment über das ich dann berichten werde. Und dann dieses herrliche Garn von dir ! Freue mich wenn ich dich an Schönes erinnern kann, denn du regst mich auch immer wieder an mit deinen Ideen. herzliche Grüße Anke

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, Angela, Anke - I feel very honoured by your nice comments!