Thursday, November 6, 2008

Embroidering white woolen mittens

When visiting Vienna last week, I found two very nice embroidery books, the original titles in French are "blanc. Motifs de broderie traditionnelle et au point de croix" and "rouge.Motifs de broderie traditionnelle et au point de croix" by Agnès Delage-Calvet and Anne Sohier-Fournel. (There is a "blue" book in this series as well, but I didn't buy that.) They've been translated into German, so I guess they'd be available in English as well.

These are quite simple embroidery books, showing mainly cross-stich and back-stitch motives, but in the usual absolutely charming French way and with beautiful photos on different things to embroider upon. The booklets also come with a small embroidery kit corresponding in colours to the titles - but I bought them for the sweet motives, of course.

The books really make you want to start embroidering instantly, and as I found a few pairs of real oldfashioned 100% woolen, knitted and felted mittens the same day in another shop, I knew what some dear friends are going to find in their Christmas parcels this year ... my criteria are: useful and personal - and maybe a bit special.

Maybe I just have to keep a pair of them for myself ...!

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Angelcat said...

What a wonderful gift idea!