Saturday, November 8, 2008

A textile stamp!

Today I went to the local post office in order to buy some stamps - I always buy the special ones as they are not more expensive than their actual value but so much more beautiful - and this time I found many exciting ones:

a 3D-lenticular-technique stamp, one with concrete sand from a WWII-tower, another with small glittering rhinestones on it, yet another one with real Swarowski stones - and finally a machine embroidered textile stamp! Fully official and ment to post with your letters or parcels!

I've never seen anything like it before and was absolutely surprised and pleased!

1 comment:

yvette said...

I could'nt believe my eyes, this you can really use?
I was a little behind reading your posts, but I've seen lovely things coming by
hug yvette