Monday, November 3, 2008

Inspired by you!

Today I used the warm morning light to sit outside in the garden and carry on with my "Yggdrasil"-project. Though November already, this south-eastern part of Austria, where I'm now living, is blessed with a warm and sunny climate, so different from the north of Europe, where I come from.

Still, every country has its own charm and I was delighted by the beautiful photos of early autumn in Sweden in Hanna's blog and in Canada in Margaret's blog - both very gifted and creative women. Have a look for yourself!

Whatiffings No. 33-41 - Non-figurative skitching and No. 42-50 - Sculptural

As it's a brand new month, I can continue doing "Whatiffings à la Sara" again - and today I'm spoiling you rotten with 18 new ones!

These are the numbers 33-41, consisting of punched white or pastel coloured wool with non-figurative "skitching", using tiny fabric scraps and some sewing and darning thread (thinking of Paula!).

And here are the numbers 42-50, where i used light-grey wool mixed with a little multicoloured one. For most of the pieces, I punched them flat with the 12-needle-embellisher, then continued punching on the spot with the 7-needler until I had a "bubble" (learned it from Sara!) I cut up this bubble with sharp scissors and fastened the loose parts with a little punching. On the right photo you can see that it's quite sculptural. Number 47 is of course woven (got inspired by Jude there!).

I really enjoy doing these experiments - guess you figured that out by now! - and it's most inspiring to be a part of this textile network ...


paulahewitt said...

i do like what you have been doing - one of my most favourite places to visit. skitching (which was inspired by Jude) is fun to do

Anneli said...

Thank you, Paula - I feel very honoured indeed.

Allerleirauh said...

Diese Stickereien sind ganz bezaubernd.