Friday, February 6, 2009

Embroidering and embellishing - and then off for a week!

This is an embroidery whatiffing on a Swedish medieval deer - I found a picture in a museum leaflet and wanted to try it out with the modern technique of the embellisher.

The background is again linen (or a mixture of linen and other materials, like for curtains ...), this time quite a rough one, punched on woolen cloth - then I drew the outlines with a pencil and embellished dark wool for the foundation - take a look at the lower horns, which I've left unembroidered so you can see.

I then embroidered three layers of fly stitch on the body and legs - one thick and one medium red thread from that tassel, finally a layer with normal red sewing thread - some black wool in satin stitch for the hoofs - brown wool in stem stitch for the outlines - finally couching stitch in green/blackish/red wool for the horn.

Afterwards I punched it slightly once more to "melt it in" to the background.

Next project:

These flowers are taken from pictures of Swedish carved butter molds from the 16th/17th century - I've stitched them with that gorgeous package string (see previous posting) in split stitch - accompanied by couching stitch (red wool with crosses in handspun linen yarn) and chain stitch (handdyed and -spun green/yellow wool) with green backstitch (here I've used green darning yarn).

Ah - and yes: I'll be off the blog now for a week - I'm going to Sara, she's invited me to stay and work with her - and I'm so proud and so excited, I can't tell ...


Allerleirauh said...

Oh, du hast es gut, wie schön für dich, ich wünsche dir wunderbare Tage, ach was das braucht frau wohl nicht wünschen, die hast du sicher.
Ich bin gespannt was du von Sara mit bringst.
Liebe Grüsse, von der ein ganz klein bisschem neidischen Allerleirauh said...

lass sara ganz lieb von mir grüssen!
ich freue mich jetzt schon auf die bilder eures schaffens!
geniesst es und habt eine gute woche!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hej Anneli,

Thank you for your warm comments, feels wonderful to be appreciated and to meet a new friend.
Your deer is beautiful, what a great idea to use different colors and thickness to make the body. Have to remember that one.

I hope you have a wonderful, creative week with Sara. Have fun.


Martine said...

Have fun together and say hello to Sara.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you all, girls, for your sweet comments! Yes, it will be great and fun and I'm looking so much forward to it! I'll be back!

Paula Hewitt said...

you are really getting busy with your embroidery. have a wonderful week with Sara - safe driving on the autobahn. xx

jude said...

oh, lucky you! i love what you have been doing lately!

Gizmo Head said...

Dear Anneli,

Have a very happy birthday tomorrow and a jolly good year!

Best greetings from


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Paula and Jude! It's so nice to have you around!