Thursday, August 26, 2010

Knitting gadgets/Kleine Helferleins

Last week I visited Ikea and found this piece of fabric:

I think it's quite interesting - makes me feel inspired to use as a background, or outlining, for using the embellisher and a bunch of wool and fabric scraps ...!

My mother is visiting me right now, which means I won't get too much time for blogging and posting within the next fortnight - but I did some more row- and stitchmarkers lately:

I must admit I love these little useful gadgets - especially when they are so easy to make yourself!

A few I will keep, others will be passed on to knitting friends!

(German summary: Nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten, diesmal - ein lustiger Stoff von Ikea, den ich als Hintergrund für Resteverwertung mit dem Embellisher verwenden werde - und ein paar Reihen- und Maschenzähler, die ich für mich und für ein paar Freundinnen gemacht habe.)

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Sara Lechner said...

they are really great, witzig and practical at the same time.
I also like the fabric. It is something like what I'm imagining for my techniques in Spain. Drawing and stitching on it!