Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bunch of shawls/Drei Tücher

Well, I haven't been quite as lazy as it may seem: Three shawls have been knitted during the last few weeks, and today the weather was fine enough to make some photos of them - my daughter Emily is the model with the beautiful back!

This first one (above) is knitted with a Schoppel Crazy Ball (Colour: Frische Fische) in a simple pattern, starting at the upper middle and proceeding as long as your yarn ball allows -

the second one is a variation on the same pattern idea, but this time knitted with a self-dyed yarn, one of my first experiments on variegated sock wool -

and for the third one, I chose a multi-coloured, hand-dyed silk- and wool roving which I bought from Dornröschen and then spun myself. This shawl is knitted in stockinette stitch from one side to the other, increasing (and after the center: decreasing) on one side only. As half of the fibers are Tussah silk, this is an extremely soft and delicate shawl!

(German summary: So, endlich sind meine drei Tücher fotografiert, die ich in den letzten Wochen gestrickt habe - einmal Schoppel Crazy Ball, einmal Selbstgefärbtes, einmal Dornröschen's Seide/Wollfasern, die ich dann versponnen habe! Sehr angenehm, sowohl zum Spinnen als auch zum Verstricken!)


Elizabeth said...

You have been busy and they are ready in due time now fall is standing at the threshold. They are really beautiful and you will be so happy with them when the cold is creeping in.

ritarenata said...

kühler herbst kann kommen.
wunderbar sind sie gelungen.der unterster gefällt mir persönlich am besten..
lg: rita

Sara Lechner said...

oho, jetzt sehe ich erst die schals!! du warst nicht untätig! die wollen kommen sehr gut zur geltung.
mir gefallen den ersten und den zweiten am besten, aber natürlich auch den dritten. ich werde morgen den einen, den ich gemacht habe uploaden.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you for commenting, girls!
Yes, shawls and autumn go well together, I think! And although I've got a few now, I've still ideas for some more - you cannot have enough shawls, can you?