Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heavy duty variegated sock yarn/Sockenwolle andersrum

Sometimes you have to be bold - and put your scissors into the most weird material - like in worn-out (but clean!) striped socks, for example.

And then take a chunky crochet needle and start crocheting a variegated storage box out of these socks (- and maybe some coloured T-shirt too, if there aren't enough socks around).

I must admit I felt inspired today both by Angelcat and her red pot and by Manya and her rag dolls.

Of course this piece could be used as a pot holder, a trivet, a seat warmer or even a rag carpet if continued - but what I want to do is a basket, for holding my yarn and preventing it from rolling around on the ground when I'm knitting in the garden. And for storing the knit work inbetween.

You might want to make it bigger for storing magazines, toys, wool or potatoes in it, too.

Hey - easy, peasy way to recycle, isn't it?

(German summary: Einige bunte Ringelsocken, vielleicht noch ein T-shirt dazu und eine dicke Häkelnadel und Schere - schon geht's rund: ich mache mir ein Körbchen für die Wolle, wenn ich draußen im Garten stricke und sie nicht am Boden herumkollern soll - als Aufbewahrung dann anschließend auch.)


Kelly said...

Very pretty! I have made rugs out of t-shirts and old sheets. It's great to be able to reuse the material! said...

Ahh, die Lieblingsstrumpfhosen meiner Tochter von vor 7 Jahren! Diese Farbkombis haben mich zu so manchem Filzstück inspiriert! ;)) Tolle Idee

Angelcat said...

This is going to be a really lovely basket, and thank you for linking me - I'm always inspired by the things that I see on others blogs so it's wonderful to know that what I do has the same effect from time to time on others. Loved the grey mat that you pointed me to too. I think I might have a try at one or two of those myself.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thanks for your comments, girls! I am just about to post the finished basket now ...

Elizabeth said...

You are a genius!!!! Love the idea.

Have a great monday.