Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A little leisure: Sweet mushroom

While sewing and cutting and stitching, I realize I'm suffering from a constant lack of pin cushions - not a single one in sight when I need them! The small ones I did last year always seem to have disappeared without a trace ...

And from time to time it's nice just to play around and do some little thingy, nothing serious, just a spontaneous malfatto project in between!

And so I took a break and made myself a sweet mushroom by recycling a small plastic container which had held some screws. For the filling I used a handful or two of all those threads and fabric scraps laying around on my working table, but first I did put in a couple of small pebbles from the garden as a bottom weight, as this mushroom is a bit taller than usual and I didn't want it to tumble.

Every part of this pin cushion is recycled - some small leftovers from earlier embellishing projects, which I punched together with the embellisher along with some coloured scrim (used for cleaning up while dyeing!) to get a slightly larger piece - then a bit of free motion machine stitching - and a few centimeters of a really kitschy ribbon and some plastic confetti (!) which were easy to poke a hole into with the needle and to use as flower sequins.

It even fits into my little mobile sewing kit!

(German summary: Anscheinend leide ich an ständiger Nadelkissen-Not - auf jeden Fall macht es Spaß, zwischendurch so ein kleines Dingsbums aus den Resten zu fertigen, die da am Arbeitstisch herumliegen ... Ein Plastikdöschen, ein paar Zentimeter kitschige Borte, ein paar Filzfuzelchen, am Embellisher zusammengepuncht, zur Füllung einige Steinchen aus dem Garten und eine Handvoll Woll- und Stoffschnippelchen vom Arbeitstisch - und fertig ist das Schwammerl!)


Elizabeth said...

Mushroom?!?! Longing for autumm while your warm hot summer still is very present?

I love your mobile sewing kit, it is drop gorgeous!

In case you are wondering about the weather in Denmark, it is raining big time again!

Clare Wassermann said...

Well it's sweet and useful...how did you attach the stuffed top to the stalk?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thanks for commenting, dear friends!

@ Elizabeth: Well, in this 'tropical' zone we already have mushrooms in the woods!
The little wooden basket is from Scandinavia, it's handmade out of juniper wood - I adored it so much at my Mum's place that she gave it to me as a present!

@ Clare: I just sew it on with rough stitches, edge on edge, from the outside - the soft material makes the stitches dissappear quite well, and the attached ribbons does the rest!

Wolle Natur Farben said...

Einfach klasse dein "Mushroom" und kleine fertige Dinge zwischendurch das liebe ich auch,. herzlichst Anke

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

@ Anke: Ja, es ist entspannend, einfach irgendwie und ohne Anspruch ein bißchen herumzuwerkeln :-)!