Friday, August 3, 2012

Rock carvings: The majestic boat woman

And so I've filled up the empty space between the contours with some handstitches - simple ones, like satin stitch and bound threads, red and multi-coloured for the woman, black-grey-white for the boat.

To me, this is a picture of a calm, majestic person - a grown-up woman - standing upright in her boat, looking out over the sea, facing the journey she is on, whatever will come, until she reaches the shore she is heading for.

(German summary: Ich habe die maschinengenähten Konturen jetzt mit einfachen Handstichen ausgefüllt - und über diese majestätische Frau nachgedacht, die so ruhig und aufrecht in ihrem Boot steht, und nach vorne schaut.)


Elizabeth said...

She looks superb!!!!

Envy you, just a little bit, while cleaning.

Angela said...

This is so wonderful

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Elizabeth, dear Angela - happy to have you around!

And this is definitively more fun than cleaning, hihi!

Wolle Natur Farben said...

Herrliche Meditation : Frau auf dem Boot. ausdrucksstark ! herzlichst Anke