Friday, January 23, 2009

A crocheted vest with tutorial - a week-end project

During the holidays, I started crocheting a vest to wear while working. I used a black&white yarn from my stash, but of course you can use whatever left-overs you have - you might even want to stripe it or change colours in between ... Or use different shades of a certain colour range ... You can work an edge around neck and arms, or crochet a lace at the bottom or work a fringe ...

I used a 8 mm crochet needle, doing half double stitches with a fairly thick yarn, but when you've figured out the way how it works, you can do it anyway you like. But I think you should have crocheted before, not being an absolute beginner, as you need some experience of crocheting to get it smooth and even, especially if you're using different kinds of yarn.

My vest is 58 cm long and 55 cm wide, fitting a European size 40-44, I guess - but you can easily adjust the measurements by adding (or leaving out) some rows at the sides or at neck or bottom.
(Please click at the pics for better reading!)

I hope you've got the idea - I've never made a tutorial before, and explaining crocheting in English is a challenge as well!

If you're trying it out, I'd love to see your result!


Sara Lechner said...

ich muss sie ausprobieren! aber in meiner ultraweite übliche form.
dein mamuth ist super! solltest als logo nehmen!! :-)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Danke Sara, freut mich, wenn Du's ausprobieren willst! Man kann die Weste natürlich auch länger machen - aber sie ist schon ziemlich weit, weil ich sie mit recht dicken Pullover drunter gedacht habe!

mesa said...

das ist ja die ideale ergänzung zu sara´s zipfelrock!!!
lg melanie
(die wieder mal nicht weiß was sie zuerst anfangen soll ;)))))

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ja - aber besser so als umgekehrt!