Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Fairy Tale Castle"

I finished this small picture this week (19x20 cm/7,5x8") - it's an embellishing, embroidery, beading and recycling project at the same time, as I actually made the castle part - the one in petit point - when I was a teenager ... and for some reason, I now found it in my stash.

As I wrote in my last posting, I'm very keen on embroidery at the moment - but still I would like to combine it with some sort of recycling, and whenever possible, with embellishing /punching, as well.

I'm also torn between the "romantic projects" - like this one - and the plain, straight, modern - or medieval and older - ones. And I'm still very interested in that Wiking period ... I'm reading about it, thinking, drawing, collecting material ...


Paula Hewitt said...

I like the way you have included the petit-point in the hazy background - it is very much like a fairytale illustration.
I like the way you have used the embroidery in this - how it mimics the colours in the petit-point and it complements rather than overwhelms the background (i get rather carried away and never know when to stop when embroidering)
the whole reason i got an embellisher was to make background for embroidery. I use recylced fabric to embroider on, and sometimes recycled beads fron jewellry, but i havent found a good source of recycled thread. i sometimes pick up some thread from second hand markets, but most of the thread i use is new.

Like you i am torn between different styles and types of projects. This year I am going to try to combine them more. Maybe you could do romantic Vikings? :) I think that Vikings would be a very interesting subject - i am looking forward to seeing what you do.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, Paula! Yes, I'm quite pleased with this one, too - and I think I managed to "stop" in time - you're right, it's easy to get carried away and overdo it!

(Did you recognize your wool threads from the swap :-)?)

I sometimes use threads from fringes and loosely woven cloth, especially handwoven or tweedy qualities - and for one of my next projects I'm using something really terrific: a 3-ply multicolour recycling package string which I found at a big construction DIY material shop, and which I separated into three strands - it looks really traditional and all the right colours i a folky and oldfashioned way!

No, Paula, Vikings can never be romantic - they're just cool and straight all the way! (But I'll alter between the flowery princess/grannies and the Vikings ...)

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Hi - I love the way the blurry edges meet the focussed needlepoint - it's like a vignette.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Hallo Anneli,
es sieht wie ein verschwommener Mädchentraum aus. Ich finde es toll, daß Du etwas neu gefundenes so aufarbeiten konntest. Da kommen vielleicht auch Gedanken und Gefühle beim Betrachten auf, die Du damals als Teenager erlebt hattest. Der Bonuseffekt. :o)

Corinna - aus Ungarn

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you for commenting, dear Yarn Girl and danke Corinna! Yes, I think it was a good idea to recycle that old teenage embroidery and give it a second chance!