Thursday, March 5, 2009

Experimenting with my handspun yarns - Part I

"The investigation of imperfection leads to creativity. A route to creativity is found through the attempt to master the skill.

You can focus so closely on perfect mastery that you go through the eye of a needle and you come out the other side into a creative world thrown wide open."

Lexi Boeger/pluckifluff in "Intertwined"

Good things are happening. I've been doing quite a lot of handspinning with the drop spindle lately - now I want to try out a real spinning wheel. It will be here tomorrow - and it's called "Joy". That's exactly what I feel too!

The quotation is taken from a fantastic handspinning book, filled with gorgeous pictures and very crazy and artistic novelty yarns, which I can highly recommend ... read it and you'll start dreaming, just like I did ... You can have a look at first, if you like.

Another really interesting book is "Spinning designer yarns" by Diane Varney; it's a bit more 'serious', but still very creative and inventive.

The picture above shows a weaving experiment with my handspun yarn, where I've used this yarn for the warp in a small weaving frame and then used unspun wool for the weft. I plan to add more material to it and then punch at least some parts of it.

Here you can see another ball of drop spindle yarn, which I'm adding to my knitted scarf.

I've used a "nostepinne" to wind it up (well, I actually happened to have a piece of a broom stick handy ...!) - that's a simple and brillant invention - Norwegian, I presume!

And next week, Sara and I are going to spin together at my place - if that isn't good news!


mesa said...

das schaut ja seeehr interessant aus!!!! viel spass beim spinnen mit sara... das wird sicher lustig
lg melanie

Elizabeth said...

Love the quote, your yarn for the shawl is so ready to knit with. Have fun with Sara next week and tomorrow with Joy.

See you.


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Scarf is going to be wonderful! Love the natural colors.

ritarenata said...

i am so envy of you, that sara visit you. and envy of sara that she visiting you.
veeeery nice pieces!!!
i wish you a lot of joy with your joy.
heva a wonderful weekend.

Clare W said...

aha yes I like your weaving idea. We have a tiny little loom which I bought for my daughter at Cristmas - I am inspired to get it out this weekend!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you so much for commenting and for all good wishes! I hope to be back with pictures of the "harvest" this evening!