Monday, March 23, 2009

Knitting, reading and spinning ...

Returning with a few interesting books in my bag and the impact of some precious talks in my mind, I feel it's so good to be home again. Having a break - this seems to be just the right thing to do at some points.

Inbetween, the snow brought by last weeks blizzards has melted away entirely, and the vibrant growth of Spring proceeds vigorously.

Still the weekend in town was quite cold and windy, and I was very pleased to wear my tube scarf (see last posting), which held not only my neck but also my ears and nose cosy warm!

At night, I then sat down to spin a simple yarn again, brown-brownish-black, mixed up with some dull colour slubs here and there, then plied with a bright variegated stocking yarn.

It looks a bit like English liquorice to me, and I'm planning to use it for that dark/coloured vest, which I started two weeks ago - this would be the back of it:

By the way, I've altered the original hooks on one side of the flyer of my spinning wheel to slim screws instead, covering them up with a bit of hose, so that my bumpy yarn doesn't get hooked up all the time. It's a real improvement, and quite easy to do!

Now I'm thinking of ways to expand or bypass the orifice, as Ashford does not provide Jumbo flyers for this mobile wheel. It's a pity, as this would be so easy to do for the producer - but I guess I'll find a solution to that myself, sooner or later.

One of the books I found in Vienna is called "Sweater Surgery - how to make new things with old sweaters" by Stefanie Girard (German version: "Ich war ein Pulli - aus alten Pullis Neues machen") - it's all about recycling knitwear in a young and modern way.

There are several books on this matter right now, but still I think there must be far more exciting ways to re-use knitwear, especially in combination with felting, knitting, punching ...

Please join me in experimenting and sharing!


ritarenata said...

that´s a greast idea.
i´ve got some old felted sweater in my schrank. aaand i was just thinking last week, to make finally something out of them.
see you.

ritarenata said...

is the "ich war ein pulli"-book a new one? i must check it out.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, it's new, Rita: 2008 in English, 2009 German version. I bought it at Morawa in Vienna, and they had just got it.

Sara Lechner said...

schaut toll aus!merkst du wirklich einen unterschied?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Danke Dir auch, Sara! Wenn Du die Schrauben meinst: ja, sie sind wirklich besser - aber auf Dauer brauche ich dafür auch "Hütchen" - jetzt geht es mit Klebeband oder Modelliermasse ...