Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Embellishing, recycling and whatiffing

Today I was quite busy, finishing this "medieval" book which I have punched with grey wool on woolen cloth, decorated with metal net, other metal details and some glass beads. It's lined with natural linen and holding a sketchbook made out of thick, handmade paper.

I also embellished a small picture for a friend's wedding book (the text says: "May love make you free") - I'm an untalented photographer, the colours and texture look a lot better "in real" ...

Furthermore, I sew a cover for my kitchen bench using a piece of blue felted cloth I had in my stash and recycling an old woolen bed-inlay I got from a neighbor. No big deal, but as this is my favourite working place to sit in the evenings, I'm both happy to have a cosy warm bottom as well as to have recycled something quite spacetaking from my stash!

And then I had to try out a little "skatching", inspired by Jude. But I'm afraid I wasn't as consequent as she is with piecing each little space extra - I cheated here and then and let the fabric slip under the next piece where I found this to be convenient ... OK, I will have another try the other day!

Later on, I wondered: "what if" I would punch small pieces of pre-felt to a sketch on linen ...? I will see where that leads tomorrow.


Sara Lechner said...

das schaut alles interessant aus und ich bin froh, dass du mit dem blog angefangen hast und sachen berichtest. ich glaube, dass was den leuten am meisten gefällt, ist den prozess zu sehen. du musst auch kommentare bei den leuten machen, so dass sie deinen blog besuchen kommen und es wäre schön, wenn du den blognamen nach deiner unterschrift in den emails gibst, so dass man gleich damit verlinkt ist.
mach weiter so!

Marja said...

Hello Anneli, it makes me always happy when I come to your blog!
So good to see what you are making.
Thanks for sharing.

paulahewitt said...

I like both books - very nice. your friends are very lucky.

I wouldnt worry about cheating with your skatching - Im sure Jude would agree cheating doesnt exist when you what if. :)

Anneli said...

Thank you, gals, I'm so lucky to have you around, commenting on my efforts - and encouraging!

To Sara: Yes, I do comment here and there, but I should increase it, I know! Thank you for passing on your experiences and helping me on!

To Marja: You don't have a blog, that's a pity, I would love to "visit" you as well! Your name sounds Finnish, like mine ...? I'm proud to make you happy!

To Paula: Thank you! I'm so glad you're not mad with me for my comment on your fugly quilt - and I'm happy with you that your decision is "useful" - and by the way, in my opinion, your quilt is very nice!

jude said...

oh, great! glad to see you skatching! and love the results.