Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recycling and Whatiffing a slipover ...

I'm still struggling around with this slipover, which doesn't behave as I want it to.

I started out with different pieces of knitwear (old sweaters and some UFOs), shrunk them in the washing-machine, cut them up and stitched them together, quite randomly, with bold handstitches and then punched it with the embellisher.

Unfortunately, some material flattened out more than I'd foreseen under the embellisher and I tried to shrink it once more. Some of the seems broke up after this procedure - I guess as a result of me using the thicker, coarser felting needles for this project, as these knitted and felted layers can partially be very thick and I wanted to avoid massive needle breakage. Anyway, these sturdy needles seem to kind of "chew" the thread I used for the seams.

So I'll get back to this project as soon as I've figured out how to solve the mess!

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Sara Lechner said...

I will also be trying to do something like that soon. I'll keep you informed.