Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whatiffing with free machine embroidery

Yesterday I started exploring free machine embroidery, a new experience to me - what a tremendous technique!

I tried it out once many years ago and gave it up again instantly, as it didn't work out ... And now, inspired by Sara's Whatiffing, I gave it another try and yes! - my 47-year-old Singer machine could do it!

Ornaments and doodles, free and formal patterns - I'm really eager on experimenting with that as it makes such fun swirling around freehanded. I even got so overwhelmed that I produced a new series of Whatiffing pieces with nine machine embroidered, multicoloured plant doodles on an embellished background (old light-blue sweater with white wool).

Looking at them now, I realize that these are not really nine different kind of Whatiffing motives in the sense Sara described it, but rather nine variations in the same manner. I will therefore regard them as No. 10 a-i, but leave them on my pad nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

I like these machine embroidery motifs, and the others - particularly the Mola type one.

Anneli said...

Thank you, Paula - it's so nice getting a bit of feedback now and then!