Sunday, October 19, 2008

A very inspiring book!

This week I bought a very inspiring embroidery book: it' s "Painting With Stitches - Creating Freestyle Embroidery by Hand" by Sue Dove. I think it's an amazing book; bold, free, colourful - reminding me a lot of Marc Chagall - and I instantly fell in love with this unconventional approach to embroidered pictures!

Normally, I would not copy, but - I just had to have something cheerful like this for my own ... So I picked a detail of Sue Dove's drawings and coloured it my own way. I'm going to wear it as a broche to lighten up the dark days to come!


Anonymous said...

I love your interpretion of Sue Doves work. have you stitched this with 6 strands of floss? it looks great. this is the second referecne to this book I have sen recently - I will have to search for it.

Anneli said...

Yes, Paula, I stitched it with all the 6 strands, as Sue Dove recommends in her book. Did you know she lived in Australia for several years? I ordered the book at Amazon, that's the easiest way for me to get my hands on English literature here. Yes, do search for it - it's worthwhile!