Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sara's Whatiffing Project

As I've decided to participate in Sara's Whatiffing Project (, I started with the first nine pieces of mine today.

In order to get the right size (2"x3") - which is a real challenge to me, as I usually work with larger pieces of work - I cut up some medium weight woolen cloth to the right size, and punched the top layers with white woolen batting in between.

For the top layers I used - counting from upper left to the right -

1. a stretchy, creme-coloured silvery net
2. a very light muslin fabric
3. some heavy vintage lace
4. a delicate vintage lace
5. brownish lace ribbon between strips of sackcloth
6. a very light (real) metal net
7. loose linen and cotton fibers
8. machine embroidered net lace
9. hand-dyed wool roving in green/greyish/brown

I mounted these pieces with some sticky tape on an aquarel paper pad, nine pieces will fill one page.

I would feel comfortable with embellishing this kind of album page, consisting of nine pieces, about three times a month, in one certain colour range or with another common theme.

Meanwhile, I'm also struggling with these wonders of virtual facilities: having my blog properly done, taking digital pictures and uploading them, organizing a flickr account ... anyone who has fought this battle alone, being a "virtual virgin" (like me), will know what it means ... Well, I won't give up on it! Someday, I'll succeed!


Marja said...

Hello Anneli, already 9 pieces!
Nice, I made only 1, but today the second.
When I have 9 I'll show them. I like how you collect them on the paper.

Anneli said...

Hello Marja,

Thank you for leaving a comment (the first on my blog ever!)! I'm excited about seeing your pieces soon, too! Anneli.

Anonymous said...

I came over here from Sara's blog - i am looking forward to seeing more of your experiements with felting and recycling. I have recently bought an embellisher but have not used it much yet. i liked the beaded ring and stars youve made too.

Anneli said...
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Anneli said...

Hello Paula, thank you! I like your embroidered chickens very much too and the detailed photos you made to follow it step-by-step! And I'm sure you will love your embellisher as soon as you get started - it's about the best invention since the wheel ;-), a marvellous tool!