Monday, October 20, 2008

Whatiffing 24-32, Hearts

It looks as if this Whatiffing's really got me hooked ... Yes, I do work on some other main projects as well, but they are larger and take more time to complete! And these small pieces are quite fun to do, I enjoy playing with this kind of small series ...

The hearts are punched with different shades of red wool on embroidery canvas for background and further embellished with (starting upper left corner going row-wise)

24. silk fibers, glass beads
25. free machine embroidery
26. felted knitting, hand embroidery
27. wool, metal net, hand embroidery
28. ceramic heart, hand embroidery
29. wool, hand embroidery
30. wool and cotton fabric, hand embroidery
31. yarn, metal wire, scoobidoo plastic
32. yarn, hand embroidery, beads

So, now I think I've made all my pieces required for one month! What about you, girls? I'm curious to see your Whatiffings, too!


Dot said...

beautiful ...I love these colors!

art spirit said...

Love the hearts...and your Blog!
I love felt too!