Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little Whatiffing with embroidery

Today I did a bit of my own Whatiffing again: a landscape punched with wool (and some silk) fibers on a woolen cloth - I tried out some free embroidery on it, which I've actually never done in this way before. It's fun to try something new!

The size is about 6,5"x7,5".


yvette said...

hi Aneli, I'm going to whatiffing too, like your work and wish you good luck as a didivirgin (so am I)yvette

Anneli said...

Hi Yvette, thank you! I just had a look at your blog - wow! Your work is really fantastic, I'm absolutely fascinated by the pictures and your very special mix of materials within the felt ... the colours ... the size of the projects ... everything! And I would love to read the text - if Dutch only wasn't so hard to understand ... On some blogs there are automatic translation buttons (even if these translations are quite funny to read, at least you get the point) - I have no idea how you put them in - but wouldn't that be a great idea for your blog and a service to the non-Dutch readers? Good luck for you too, Yvette! Anneli.